About Mechanism and regulation of cell division

Mechanism and regulation of cell division

NVBMB Fall Meeting

The symposium brings together excellent scientists that work on the mechanism and regulation of cell division. The seminars cover a comprehensive range of topics and techniques, including molecular mechanism of genome replication, cytoskeleton organization, control of gene expression and RNA translation, cause and consequences of DNA damage and checkpoint activation, and their alteration in diseases. During the symposium, the NVBMB prize will be awarded to this year's recipient Francesca Mattiroli. The day will be closed by the keynote lecture of Karim Labib.


Marileen Dogterom, TU Delft
René Medema, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
Geert Kops, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht
Nynke Dekker, TU Delft
Puck Knipscheer, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht
Marcel Tijsterman, University Medical Center, Leiden
Marvin Tanenbaum, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht
NVBMB prize:
    Francesca Mattiroli, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht
FEBS national lecture:
    Karim Labib, University of Dundee, UK

More information can be found on the website.

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