About NVK-VU Structural Biology Symposium June 6

NVK-VU Structural Biology Symposium June 6

Interacting with Proteins : A structural view

NVK Structural Biology Symposium 2019

The VU Amsterdam and the Dutch Crystallographic Society (NVK) will host a 1-day Structural Biology Symposium.  During this one day symposium new results and key questions and issues in structural biology and imaging will be addressed, in particular:

  • High-resolution 3D structures of macromolecules and macromolecular complexes using X-ray diffraction, Cryo-EM and Electron microdiffraction
  • Protein-Protein and Protein-Nucleic acid interactions
  • Drug design
  • Diffuse Scattering


Our keynote speaker will be Meindert Lamers (PhD from NKI, former group leader @ MRC Cambridge, now Associate Professor at the LUMC), who will be speaking about : “Structural features of high-fidelity DNA replication. “

Moreover we will have the following speakers:

  • Loes Kroon-Batenburg (Universiteit Utrecht): Rigid body motion is the main source of diffuse scattering in protein crystallography
  • Albert Guskov (Universiteit Groningen): Towards time-resolved crystallography on glutamate transporters
  • Shebab Ismail (The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research): The role of Arl proteins in counteracting entropy
  • Joost Uitdehaag (Netherlands Translational Research Center (NTRC)
    Inhibitor complexes of Arginase-1, a target for cancer immunotherapy
  • Max Clabbers (Stockholms universitet): Macromolecular structure determination by micro-crystal electron diffraction
  • Kenneth Verstraete (VU Gent): Structural basis for cytosolic acetyl-CoA production by ATP citrate lyase
  • Antonella Fioravanti (VU Brussel): Discovering and targeting Bacillus anthracis’ Achilles heel: the new way to fight anthrax

For a detailed list of speakers and abstracts, click here.

Conference location:

The meeting will be held in the O|2 Labbuilding of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, de Boelelaan 1108, 1081 HZ Amsterdam, which is a 15 minute walk from the train station Amsterdam-Zuid (see map below). 


Registration is possible using a registration form, that can also be used to submit an abstract for a poster (and possibly be elected for one of the talks to be anounced). Members of the NVK get a € 10,– discount on the registration fee. The deadline for registration will be on May 16th. You can register by going to this page.

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